Have you ever heard that wood is a living material that constantly changes and requires proper care? The same principle applies to leather. Like wood, leather needs maintenance and protection from external factors that can damage it. So, what exactly should you be wary of when it comes to fashion accessories made from this vibrant natural material?

Moisture: Leather's Number One Enemy

Whether you invest in a leather bag, a leather wallet, or a leather belt, always strive to protect these fashion accessories from areas with high humidity. Moisture is not only the primary enemy of wood in furniture but also of leather in fashion accessories.

If you accidentally spill something on your leather accessory, instead of rushing to the sink, it's better to have a cotton cloth and a gentle cream on hand. These are kinder to leather and won't damage it. Excessive moisture can lead to the leather cracking. Similarly, trying to dry leather quickly with a hairdryer can also harm the material.

Time: The Silent Adversary

Yes, leather fashion accessories boast longevity, but to prevent the ravages of time, they require ongoing care. For instance, occasionally applying a gentle cream or balm specifically designed for leather can make a difference.

This not only enhances resistance to moisture and other external factors but also preserves the material's original vibrant color. Over time, leather tends to fade, and regular application of these products can prevent this from happening.

Poor Storage: The Final Culprit

Remember, the condition of your leather fashion accessories largely depends on how you treat them. Handle them with respect and store them as they deserve. Improper storage can distort their shape and irreversibly damage their overall appearance.