Business casual is a fashion style that blends elements of formal and informal attire, often adopted in the workplace. Think you can't be stylish without a suit and tie? Let's explore how business casual style can be practically and elegantly executed.

No Suit or Tie Required

As an informal dress code, business casual can vary depending on a company's specific rules. However, even accessories that aren't immediately visible should complement your look. And gentlemen, this includes a high-quality leather wallet made from genuine leather.

A Wallet with a Monogram? Why Not

A stylish, quality wallet is used daily, so why not flaunt a bit of originality? Personalization, such as your own monogram or even a family crest, can make a statement. Embrace Czech quality! Choose from a variety of popular business wallets. Opt for a version without a coin pocket to have up to sixteen card slots at your disposal.

Timeless Design and Precision Craftsmanship

Leather is a staple in fashion, especially in business casual style. Moreover, leather is a living material that beautifully patinas over time, a quality not found in synthetic leather. Men who feel confident in leather can complement their attire with a belt made from the highest quality traditional leather. Leather belts are simple in design yet durable and perfectly complement your outfit, whether it's sportswear or a formal suit.

Comfortable Casualness

The main goal of business casual style is to allow comfort and freedom of movement without compromising a professional look. It's advisable to avoid overly formal attire, such as tuxedos or ties, but also to steer clear of excessively casual pieces. However, you probably wouldn't show up to a meeting with a business partner in sweatpants.

The foundation of a business casual outfit includes trousers, a shirt, and leather shoes. Men typically wear chino pants, collared shirts, or plain polo shirts. After all, each piece should be well-tailored and in mostly neutral colors.