The waistline is not equal to the total length of the belt, but to the belt fastened to a suitable hole. Take an existing belt that fits you and measure it from the tip of the buckle to the most used hole. Do not measure the entire length of the belt from one end to the other.

Our belts have 5 holes and the offset between the holes is 0.79 in (2cm). So whether the waistline increases or decreases by up to 1.58 in (4cm) over time, you can still wear the belt, just "switch" to another hole.

If you are not sure of the size even after the measurement, it is always better to take a larger size - we will be happy to shorten your belt for free, but unfortunately, it is not possible to extend the belts. With the option without personalization, it is not yet a problem to exchange the belt, but there is nothing to do with the belt with the personalization.